Monday, October 3, 2011

Jenna Marbles

I am not going to say everything that I want to say about this girl because I want all of you to go to You Tube and see her for yourself.  What I will say is that just when I began to lose all hope in younger girls today because of what’s on the stupid TV, I heard about Jenna Marbles…..a cute chick who gets it.  She’s 25.  She is smart, funny, and makes fun of the right people.  She also isn’t afraid of making fun of herself, which is cool.  She’s pretty enough not to seem bitter, and not hot to the point that she comes off as a snob.  She is crude and says the F-word sometimes, so if you have a problem with hearing that, don’t bother looking her up or clicking on the link below.  As far as what she gripes about, I have a lot in common with her and I love that I am not alone in my thoughts and things that irk me! 

She makes fun of Snooki, Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, and stupid gold-digging girls who want the same rights as men—loved that one and have been bitching about it for years.  The first one I watched was called “How to trick people into thinking you’re good-looking” and I laughed so hard that I was crying by the end of it.  She also gives a “tutorial” on how to get ready for a date, which includes tips like not appearing to have a brain because you are only a sexual object and packing sandwiches in your fancy bags.  (She makes fun of girls for spending a lot of money on their bags because all a bag should be is a place to throw your crap.)  She does a GREAT Sarah Palin skit; make sure that you check that one out too.  She talks about the annoying people at the gym who sneak peeks at your elliptical……sound familiar?  I blogged about that a while back.  I love Jenna Marbles!  I think that she is going to be huge.

When she says “Now it’s time to put on some fake whore lashes, and don’t forget your hoochie lipstick” I thought of all of those girls on TV that I can’t stand and I couldn't stop laughing.  This girl is awesome. 

Here is a link to "How to trick people into thinking you're good looking".  Do not to watch it around small children.

Here is a link to "Cooking with Sarah Palin". It is so hilarious! 

No Word of the Day because I accidentally deleted it.  Have a great Monday!

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